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As one of our core industries, the steel manufacturing industry has turned to State for some of its most exciting and challenging projects. Whether it be a complete turnkey multi trade solution for a fast track design/build line or a critical outage skilled trade supply, State provides electrical, mechanical and millwrighting services for:
  • Hot and Cold Rolling Mills
  • Tube Mills
  • Electric Arc Furnaces
  • Continuous and Annealing Pickling Lines
  • Galvanizing Lines

With a reputation for Quality and Safety, State has performed many of these installations and revamps on a multi-trade or turn-key basis - consistently delivering projects on time and allowing our customers to focus on production.

Automotive ( ^ top )

Since 1961 State has been providing a broad range of services to the automotive industry and has developed a reputation for being a true performer within the time-driven environments of automotive manufacturing. As a recognized Tier One supplier to the industry, State has the distinction of being the first multi-trade contractor to receive both the Q1 award and ISO 9001:2000 quality accreditation. State has long standing working relationships with numerous tooling OEM’s and our familiarity with their products and specifications provides for accurate scope of work and successful installations.

Whether it be working with one of the major automobile companies, tooling OEM’s, or component manufacturers, State is fully capable of working on any facet of an assembly, power-train, and components facility and has the people and expertise to deliver cost effective solutions for any of the following areas:

Paint Systems
  • Ecoat/Phosphate
  • Paint Mix/Circ
  • Robots
  • Sealer Systems
  • Paint Kitchens
  • Paint Booths

Body and Assembly
  • Robots
  • Stamping Presses
  • Conveying Systems
    • Flat Top
    • Overhead
    • Power and Free

Power ( ^ top )

State has developed a strong reputation in the Power generation industry. We have installed over 1100 megawatts of generation capacity including combined cycle and peak power stations. By providing complete multi-trade contracting, State has helped our customers achieve cost targets and even bring plants on line ahead of schedule.

Over the years our customers have depended on State for virtually all types and aspects of power generation including:
  • Cogeneration – simple and combined cycle
  • CHP Plants
  • Hydroelectic
  • Thermal
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Waste To Energy
  • Compressor Stations
  • Emission Systems including Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems

State has extensive experience installing Gas turbines, Steam turbines, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Water Treatments Systems and complete Control Systems. In addition, State is a fully qualified High Voltage contractor that can provide a complete range of services for substations and transformer stations for utilities and end users.

Heavy Industry ( ^ top )

The State Group has a wide range of experience and expertise in Heavy Industry including:
  • Mining&Metals
    • including equipment such as Smelters, Crushers, and Conveyors
  • Pulp and Paper, Manufactured Board Products
    • headboxes, dryers, coaters, winders, and DCS controls
    • Rewind, complete line installations, shutdowns and turnarounds
    • Fine Paper, Supercalender, Recycled Products
    • OSB, MDF, and Particleboard Facilities
  • Petrochemical/Energy
    • Refineries, Terminals, Offshore facilities, Compressor Stations
    • Installations, Turnarounds, Revamps, and decommissioning
    • Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Food and Beverage
    • Bottling Plants
    • Food Processing Mills
    • Providing multi trade services for processing, material handing and packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
    • Clean Rooms
    • Stainless Steel Piping Systems
    • Material Handing and Packaging Systems
  • Waste Management
    • Solid Waste Management Facilities
    • MRF and Wet/Dry Recycling Facilities
    • Waste to Energy – including Landfill Gas, Incineration and Gasification Projects
  • Transportation
    • Baggage Handling Facilities
    • Airport Screening Systems
    • Terminals
    • Transit
      • Traction Power
      • Signaling
      • DC Power Systems
      • Life Safety Systems

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